This video reflects the views of a range of young adults we have spoken to. For practical reasons we could not video all the people we spoke to and we would like to thank the young players at Horsham Hockey club, and their friends, for volunteering to voice these and their own opinions.

Like, it's about health and stuff...

From the age of 16 you’re expected to manage your own health. But nobody really ever teaches you how to do that.

Until now there’s nowhere you can really go to look it up – certainly no one place that will tell you what you need to know to get healthy and stay well.

Between the ages of 15-24 your health and wellbeing is inextricably linked to so many things like exam performance; getting a job; managing relationships and just being and staying happy.

Working out how to look after yourself when you’re young is an essential step in managing the rest of your life. Learning how to be healthy and well now is the first step to staying healthy and well when you get older.

In a word it's all about you!
The small print

Doctor Wellgood is a web site dedicated to help young adults manage their health and wellbeing. All the content on this site has been approved by our own team of medical experts as being a fair reflection of current medical thinking. However we are not in a position to comment on any individual’s health and if reading anything on the Doctor Wellgood website leads you to think you may have a problem then it is important that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

We want your views on your health

Tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll tell the world. Check out our latest surveys and share your views.

For most people growing up is a mixture of being inquisitive and uncertain. As Doctor Wellgood grows, week on week we will help you find the answers to your questions and resolve your uncertainties.

It's all about being inquisitive and uncertain

Age is just a number

We understand that some people grow up quicker than others. Add the fact that everybody’s health is different and it means different people need answers to their questions at different times.

Doctor Wellgood is mostly put together by people aged 16-24 with those of similar age in mind. But hey, age is just a number. If you have a question and we can give you the answer then that’s great.

It's about taking the risk out of experimenting

Everybody learns by experimenting with new stuff. New stuff takes us out of our comfort zone. Some stuff might be the subject of legislation and law. Some might be considered illegal. Some stuff might be downright dangerous.

Although Doctor Wellgood would never recommend you do things outside of the law we are not here to judge nor moralise. We are here to share advice on how to minimise any risk of unintended consequences.

In reality we're not afraid to voice the truth

The society we live in has little grasp of the reality of growing up. We believe that’s wrong. It’s important that young adults speak up and speak out about what they feel about themselves. We’ll happily provide a channel for you to voice your opinions.