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Hormones are something that gets thrown around a lot. They influence loads of things in our bodies including our growth and development and also are often thought responsible for changes in our behaviour, especially in women and young men. You’ve probably heard things said like “she’s just being moody because of her hormones” or “it’s his hormones that are making him jealous and crazy”. And to an extent these examples are correct, however, hormones do a whole lot more than just make you act a little weird or out of character sometimes.

+   What do they do?

Hormones control your:

  • Mood
  • Hunger
  • Growth
  • Immune system
  • Sexual arousal (i.e. they make you horny)

They get your body ready to fight and they also play key roles in the process of puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

+   How do they work?

HHormones are basically the messengers of your body. Like an email from your boss giving you specific instructions. Hormones are chemicals that are produced and released by one part of your body (usually a gland) and then transported to another part of the body (usually through the blood). Once there, a hormone acts like a key and attaches to a receptor in a cell causing the cell to respond. These signals usually tell cells to alter growth, function or metabolism (the reactions that sustain life).

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