Doctor Wellgood is produced

by young people for young people.

We have an in-house team who decide pretty much what we say and what it looks like.

Unlike many other sites we think design is important and those that know a bit about websites might also like to know that every single page is built by hand and not put together by a Content Management System (we think that's just boring).

The site was launched in February 2013 as a 'Beta' test site and has been building week on week. The great thing is that it's still got miles to go and new features and content will be added on a daily basis once the site has gone live in September 2013.

Etienne Picture Wellgood Etienne
Age: 27

Kim Picture Wellgood Kim
Age: 21
Marketing and
Channel Management
Qian Picture Wellgood Qian
Age: 26
Creative Director

Tara Picture Wellgood Tara
Age: 22
Writer and Editor

Etienne is French, has a ‘Licence’ in maths and is DW’s Chief Geek. He understands all the technical stuff the rest of us get stumped on. He used to be a video games tester and still loves playing video games in his free time. At the weekends you’ll find him either back home in France or in a pub garden somewhere in London drinking Guinness.

Favourite Film: Serenity

Kimberley used to want to be a paramedic and studied public services at college but found herself in marketing which is perfect for her as she’s great with people. She has a keen eye for fashion and when she’s not hitting the High Street she can be found in galleries admiring art. She also presents some of our videos.

Favourite film: Some Like it Hot

Qian studied graphic design or visual communication in France. She knows just what to do to make our ideas look great. She speaks three languages and says she likes partying at the weekend. Even outside of work she loves being creative and enjoys drawing and colouring-in.

Favourite Film: Submarine

Tara studied English and Philosophy at Uni. She’s always loved writing and is always up for reading a good book. When she’s not in the office or out shopping you can find her locked in her room desperately trying to learn Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ dance.

Favourite Film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Freddie is our Campus Mole at Bath Uni where he’s studying business – which means he’s ever so good at Spreadsheets. When he’s not in the office he likes keeping fit and watching films or trashy reality TV or playing hockey for his local team Horsham.

Favourite Film: Top Gun

Phoebe brings a transatlantic flavour to the team having left the UK to do a degree in Baltimore, USA, where she studied a lot of ‘medical stuff’ before deciding not to be a doctor after all. She’s now doing a Masters in International Relations in Pittsburgh. Whilst England sleeps she’s busy writing our clinic pages.

When Ed isn’t helping out around the DW HQ he’s studying English at a very grown up Uni. He is a keen rugby player and loves fitness. He’s just started taking driving lessons and in his own words ‘hasn’t been bad at anything for ages’ – so we’ve got high hopes for him being the next Jenson Button!

Favourite Film: Finding Nemo

Amelia has just finished her degree in Physiology so she knows heaps about bodies and how they work so she’s writing for us on seriously important things like drugs and alcohol and mental health whilst she works out what she wants to do with her life.

Freddie Picture Wellgood Freddie
Age: 21
Web analytics and social media campaigns
Phoebe Picture Wellgood Phoebe
Age: 24

Ed Picture Wellgood Ed
Age: 20
Amelia Picture Wellgood Amelia
Age: 21


Any business needs some older guys and we have a few who help keep us well-organised.
No photos – but a few words about them.

All the health stuff we write gets passed by Doctor John. He’s a practising GP but has also been a medical editor, Police Surgeon and done heaps of other medical type stuff.

Al chairs the weekly editorial meeting when we decide what we’re going to be writing about and then when we’ve written it he makes sure the commas and full stops are in the right place. He also does a lot of the business type stuff and buys the ice creams in the summer when it’s hot.

Jeremy knows more than a bit about young people as back in the day he used to run Club 18-30 when it was one of the most iconic youth brands in the world. He retired early from business and mostly works in the charity sector but Al managed to encourage him back into the office a few days a week to share his venerable wisdom.

Julie has a degree in nursing and has worked with Doctor John in building a successful Occupational Health business. She knows heaps about health and wellbeing (she’s just made Al start taking glucosamine which is helping his knees) and is really lovely.

Amanda is also really lovely and spends all her time talking to advertisers about what an exciting opportunity DW offers to tell young people all about their brands and products and why they should be working in partnership with us.



Chief Medical Officer


CEO and




Chief Operating
Officer (Medical)