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Our friend Emily White (who helped us with our piece on Taping) decided not to take up a place at Uni to read photography and chose to go travelling and then started working at a school in Switzerland sports coaching and assisting in classrooms. She returned to the UK not sure what to do and decided to follow her love of sport and become a personal trainer. She is now 21 and this is her true life story so far.

I have always been a very active and sportive person, growing up in my family I’d have to be as both my parents are also connected to sports clubs. Having been to several competitions for different sports and then gaining a sports scholarship into my senior school, sport seemed to be the one thing I could really focus on and potentially achieve something great.

Once leaving school I still played sport for various clubs and became a sports assistant in several schools. However I really didn’t really know where I was going job wise as nothing really leapt out at me. Until one day having a chat with my sports physiotherapist and she mention personal training. Loving sport and fitness myself so much thought how great it would be to encourage other people to feel the same way as I do so I jumped at the idea and booked onto the first course I found online.


The coaches eased us into the course gently to start with but by the afternoon of the first day we knew this course was going to be tough and very full on. Starting lectures at 9 and finishing at 6 to then go into two hours of ‘PT Clinic’ (practical sessions with actual clients) to then start all over again the next day for 6 days of the week. Sundays were very much a rest and revision day.

The course was very practically based, involving us working in the gym using each other as clients to relearn anatomy and functions of the body and of course planning different types of PT sessions. More detailed work was done in classroom situations such as body systems and how nutrition can effect exercise.

personal training


After qualifying and admittedly having a week or two to sleep I wanted to set up my own business, FF Fitness, straight away. Having the guidance and knowledge from my course (and my mum, an experienced business woman) I was set up ready to go very quickly and just needed those clients to come. After doing various flyer drops and giving sessions to raffles and all the usual ways of advertising I now have several committed clients. Naturally there are always things to learn and work on. These things will definitely take time, and being a very impatient person this was a struggle to start with but business is slowly coming together and the future is hopefully very bright for me.

Not only am I doing my personal training I also fill my time in several school doing hockey and netball coaching to different age groups (from year 3 – sixth formers). And of course I still play a lot of sport and gym sessions to keep fit myself.

Since my course and setting up shop I have been on a RockTape course (sports recovery taping for sports) which is going steady as more and more hockey players learn of the tape. I am also booked on a ‘Boxercise’ course and a ‘Boxercise for children’ course, which will be a great fun experience and thoroughly look forward to this. Going on these courses can only help me develop and add a few more qualifications to get my clients attention.

If you live around the Horsham area and want a personal fitness or motivational coach you can contact Emily via email on


I booked on a 5 week Master Trainer course through the European Institute of Fitness (EIF) at the National Sports Centre in Lilleshall. Having been up a few months before to check out another group (about 25 people) become personal trainers I knew the course was going to be great fun. The course cost £5990 in total including 5 weeks of onsite accommodation and 3 meals a day in their canteen where the food is fitting for top flight athletes.

When arriving at my own course a few months later I was expecting to also be in a large group, only to find out that there was only 5 of us on the course myself being the only girl. This was brilliant as I knew we would be getting a lot more one-to-one time with the coaches which with someone like me (find learning a struggle) was brilliant news.



Over the 5 weeks we worked on many different aspects of sport and exercise training and after several written, multiple choice and spoken exams we become qualified in the following: fitness instructor (REPS level2), Personal trainer (REPS level 3), advanced PT skills, Nutrition and weight management, functional training and sports, Clinical exercise and specific populations, motivation and lifestyle coaching, fitness in business.

This course was perfect for me just because of the unusually small sized group (very lucky there) and all the practical work with actual clients. It was difficult at first getting use to training one to one clients as I had only really done large groups of children within sports lessons, but once I got to know the clients and my way of coaching it all became very easy. It’s not quite so daunting going out into the real work after qualifying knowing that you have had many hours practice with clients already.


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